The Holy Spirit | Week 11

Acts 1:8 vs Ephesians 2:1—Power vs Made alive

·      Made alive to receive the power, power to BE witnesses


The Pattern:


1.) Acts 2:1-4

a.    Outward manifestation—tongues/prophesied


2.) Acts 4:23-24, 29-31

a.    Outward manifestation—spoke the Word of God with boldness

                                              i.     Mark 16:17—signs (tongues)


3.) Acts 8:4-19

a.    Acts 2:5-7

                                              i.     Outward manifestation—what did he see? (tongues-Acts 2:33)


4.) Acts 9:3-9,17-18

a.    Outward manifestation (received “sight”/tounges-1Cor. 14:18)


5.) Acts 10:44-46—Peter preaching to Cornelius’ household

a.    Outward manifestation—tongues/magnify God


6.) Acts 19:1-6 Paul at Ephesus

a.    Outward manifestation—tongues/prophesied


How do I receive?


Acts 1:4—by “waiting” they were saying, “we want the Promise of the Father.”

Acts 4:29—they asked

Acts 8:14-17—laid hands on them and prayed

Acts 9:17—laid hands on and prayed

Acts 10:44—heard the Word/believed the Promise was for them

Acts 19:6—laid hands on them


Luke 11:13

1 Corinthians 14:2,14


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