The Holy Spirit | Week 10

Both the public ministry of Jesus in the Gospels and the public ministry of the church in the book of  Acts all begin with being filled with the Holy Spirit.


Luke 3:21-23—Luke 4:1,16—Acts 10:38


The book of Acts is the story of the disciples receiving the same power Jesus received and doing the same things Jesus did.


John 20:19-22


The Pattern: Believe in Jesus, Receive the Promise, Outward sign of boldness and power


1.) Acts 1:3-8,12-15—120 believing and agreeing the same thing (born again)

a.    Acts 2:1-4 (outward manifestation)

b.    Peter continues to preach


2.) Acts 2:38 (Repent, baptized, receive the gift)

a.    Acts 2:40-47—What was Peter preaching? (Acts 2:38-Acts 2:1-4-Acts 1:8)


3.) Acts 4:1-4 (5,000 who were saved)

a.    Acts 4:23-24, 29-31

                                              i.     Shaken, filled, boldness

                                             ii.     Mark 16:17


4.) Acts 8:4-18 (what did he see?—Acts 2:5-7)

5.) Acts 10:34-46

6.) Acts 19:1-6


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